a.j. horan

master stylist + owning partner

AJ discovered early in life his future would be in the hair industry. As a teen, he watched his sister in excitement as she journeyed into the industry.  Little did he know that the corporate America route he was going to take would lead him on a path from Chicago to Atlanta in 2006, opening a door of opportunity into the hair industry. A.J.'s recent success comes from a strong foundation of knowledge and experience working along side some of the industrys most accomplished stylists, which catapulted his career.  A.J.'s is driven by results and helping clients find a new self confidence. A.J. says, "Seeing the look in my clients eye after turning them around to look into the mirror for the first time never gets old. I love to hear the stories that clients share about the conversations they had with a friend, a family member, co worker or even random strangers they pass on the street.   Conversations that always start with them being asked ' Who does your hair?

Outside of the salon, A.J. is always in search of new ways to be involved within the community. For several years he has been a volunteer stylist and team coordinator for The Paul Mitchell School’s "Day of Beauty.” His work has been noticed on several of Atlanta hottest runways, print publications, television and film.

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