kailey simmering

master stylist


Kailey may be the newest member of the union16 team, but she isn't new to the hair industry. Kailey’s always had a passion for hairstyling, at a young age her Barbie dolls paid the price as she constantly created new looks. Kailey has come a long way from her Barbie days in her decade in the industry.  She’s traveled the world and trained with some of the the top stylists. These experiences created her love for hair.  Kailey loves color, she is a balayage certified artist, who adores creating beautiful, natural blondes just as much as colorful unicorns.


If you're looking for that trending look on Pinterest or Instagram, she’s got you covered. Kailey will have the pictures to prove it. Razored pixie cuts make her do a happy dance and bohemian bridals make her swoon. Kailey believes that getting your hair done should be a fun experience that gives you a good laugh and great hair!